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Algalithe® also known as Lithathomnium calcareum, is an extraordinary natural composition that originates from red algae. It boasts an exclusive mineral formulation consisting of over 50 minerals and trace elements. Notably Algalithe®, stands out for its high calcium and magnesium content, making it a valuable ally in promoting digestive, joint, and bone health.

Algalithe’s®, noteworthy features make it a sought-after nutraceutical ingredient across various applications. 

Here are the key benefits that set Algalithe®, apart:

Plant Origin: Algalithe®, is derived from natural sources, ensuring a clean and sustainable product.

Tasteless and Odorless: With no taste or odor Algalithe®, can be seamlessly incorporated into different formulations without affecting the sensory experience.

Clean Label: Algalithe®, aligns with the clean label trend, providing a transparent and natural solution for health-conscious individuals.

Algalithe®, finds its place in the nutraceutical industry, primarily in the following forms:

Tablets: Convenient and easy-to-consume tablets offer a practical way to incorporate Algalithe® into your daily routine.

Capsules: Encapsulating Algalithe® preserves its integrity while allowing precise dosage control.

Jars: Algalithe® in jar form offers versatility, enabling you to use it as an ingredient in custom formulations.

Sachets: Individual sachets provide portability and convenience, making it effortless to incorporate Algalithe® into your on-the-go lifestyle.

Calcium, the primary mineral found in Algalithe®, plays a vital role in maintaining bone health. As bone is a mineralized connective tissue, calcium acts as its major component, imparting strength and structure. Algalithe®, with its impressive calcium composition of approximately 32%, emerges as a natural and efficient source of this essential mineral for the human body.

Algalithe® exceptional calcium content, combined with its magnesium content, presents an ideal formula for promoting bone and joint health. Calcium is an essential mineral for the skeletal system, and Algalithe® serves as a reliable natural source.

In conclusion, Algalithe® is a remarkable product that combines the power of red algae with the benefits of calcium and magnesium. Its high calcium composition makes it an exceptional natural ingredient for promoting bone and joint health. Moreover, Algalithe® supports digestive well-being, making it a versatile choice for individuals with specific dietary and digestive needs. By incorporating Algalithe® into your diet, you can proactively support your well-being, whether you’re concerned about bone health, digestive issues, or overall nutrition.


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