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Organic Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

For applications in Bakery  Beverages Confectionery Dairy Fruit preserves Savory

The essential Oils come from the Lemon Myrtle plant. Lemon Myrtle leaves contain up to 98% citral, one of the main active constituents of the essential oil. The product has a high level of vitamin C, polyphenols and magnesium.

The essential oils can be used for cosmetic products, like creams and lotions.  Besides the cosmetic application, the product can be used in home diffusers for their fresh smell.

Furthermore, the essential oil is also suitable for food products. For example, Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil can be added to bakery products, ice creams, seasoning, dressings, and vinegar.

The lemon Myrtle Essential Oil is known for its fresh smell, taste and for its high citral content, approx. 98%

Applications: Food, Beverages, Cosmetic, Cleaning products, Fragrance home dispenser

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