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Seed Powders

For applications in Bakery  Beverages Confectionery Dairy Fruit preserves Savory


Directly from the yields of Moldova, we source a variety of the most tasteful seeds. We gently process them and press the oil with a method of cold-pressing. To preserve all the health benefits and taste properties. 

Our sustainable powders are obtained from the by-products of oil processing. By grinding the “pellets” of the oil-pressing residue into a fine powder with a particle size of 100-120 microns.

These powders contain vegetable proteins and dietary fibers and are gluten-free and additives-free.

The technology of seed processing provides the possibility to preserve lots of natural beneficial properties of seed in powder.

The gluten-free powders from oil seeds are also low in carbohydrates compared to other flours


• Bread and ciabatta
• Baked goods
• Cookies and crackers
• Dry smoothie mixes
• Healthy snacks
• Protein drinks
• Spreads
• Vegan meat alternatives

Our sustainable way of working benefits people’s health and the taste of our products.

At EVRI Ingredients, we combine local raw materials with a waste-free manufacturing process and long-term partnerships with our partners. 

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